Finally The Ocean

27 May

Now we did stay a few days in Southern California and I did see the ocean there, but I never stuck my toes in the water. Now we hit Portland, Oregon and decided to take the coastal route as much as possible up to Seattle. We stopped at every publicly accessible beach. When I dipped my toes in, I was surprised that the water seemed much, much warmer than the water at the northern beaches on the east coast, but The most disturbing thing for me is that I actually felt all wrong. I was seriously discombobulated because I was physically facing the wrong way. I never would have thought that this could even be noticeable, unless, of course, I was watching the sunset and even that shouldn’t make much difference because we often watch the sunset on Lake Ontario which is really like a small ocean with no salt. Anyway, I felt really uncomfortable facing the wrong way to look at the ocean, but I am pretty strange.

An Oregon Beach

An Oregon Beach

It was kind of a damp (typically northwestern) day in Oregon but we walked the beaches anyway. We found a lot of broken sand dollars but not much in the line of whole shells and we didn’t spend a whole lot of time at any one beach. He left coast is much different than the right coast. The sand is more brown, the coast is rockier, and the water seems bluer to me.

At one town we talked to a local person who said that they definitely had sharks at their beach and that at certain times of the year you could watch migrating whales there. I would have liked to have been there for that but as usual our timing was off.

A Lighthouse In Oregon

A lighthouse in Oregon. This is where we were told there were sharks and whales

We met a woman who had a cockatoo leashed to her and on her shoulder. The bird repeated everything she asked it to. She said the bird had been abused and kept in a dark room and that it plucked at its own feathers so had to wear a small vest to allow her cheat to heal. The bird was really beautiful though even with its little red vest.

Sometimes it really amazes me how much hotel clerks enjoy posing with Jim's Duck. This is the guy in Portland

Sometimes it really amazes me how much hotel clerks enjoy posing with Jim's Duck. This is the guy in Portland


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  1. Susie

    June 14, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Californina beaches are sooo different from the PNW beaches. They are warmer and smoother…still facing the opposite direction though!