So Now It’s Backtracking To Las Vegas

19 May

If you read any of my earlier posts, you know how much I like casinos. So, obviously, I was pretty anxious to go to Las Vegas and had to change the plan to go to Carol’s birthday Party. My so sweet husband (not really, but I guess I sulked well this time) agreed to take me back to Vegas after visiting Irvine even though he swore there would be no backtracking on this trip. I guess somewhere along the way, I must have also told Jim that I wanted to drive over the Hoover Dam (but not see the Hoover Dam because it was so very manmade) and I wanted to approach Las Vegas after dark because I’ve been told it’s quite something to see as the lights “rise” out of the dessert. That’s the part of the trip to Las Vegas that he had at the forefront in his mind so that’s the first thing that we did. I was kind of irritated because I could hear slot machines calling to me. It turned out okay, but not without me sulking awhile first.

The most important thing that I noticed about driving over the Hoover Dam was that it was a lot shorter than it always appeared in movie scenes. It only took a few minutes to get across and that annoyed me. The view once we got to the other side though, was profoundly beautiful. The sun was low and the way it reflected on the rock and water was amazing. My photos do it no justice:

The water behind the Hoover Dam in the early evening

The water behind the Hoover Dam in the early evening

Just because the tourist thing to do is to take a picture of the actual dam, I did that too…but, mind you, only because I was, in fact, a tourist and that’s what tourists do. I sulked appropriately while I did it and didn’t even try to get it at it’s most flattering angle. That’s the new bridge they’re building in the background because they don’t want people to drive over the dam anymore. The bridge is pretty cool because it’s so high. It’s not opened to drive on yet.

Hoover Dam With New Bridge In The Background

Hoover Dam With New Bridge In The Background

Jim pacified me about not taking me right to the Vegas casinos by taking me to a small casino near the Hoover Dam. I liked that casino and won $240.00. We were pretty late leaving because I don’t like to leave a slot maxchine that’s actually letting me win. Obviously, he made me leave anyway.

I’d had a lot of build up about Las Vegas and thought I was going to love it. Every friend I’ve ever had or made at our little local Indian casinos has eventually asked the question “Have you been to Vegas yet?” and I’ve always answered sadly “no, but I hope to soon”. Las Vegas is a casino lovers Mecca. At least most casino lovers. Let’s just say I didn’t like the whole Vegas experience at all. It wasn’t even just that I wasn’t winning. I’ve done lots of that “not winning” thing but always had fun getting there and never said I didn’t like it. So I’m a bit of a masochist. What can I say?

There were really only two things that I really liked in that city of neon. The first has absolutely nothing to do with casinos. That was researching, locating, then going into the pawn shop made somewhat famous by the TV show “Pawn Stars“. Jim and I watch this show often and they always have some pretty cool stuff. I was really hoping to find Chumlee there because I think he’s hilarious, but there, sitting on a stool in the middle of the shop, was The Old Man. There was quite a line of people waiting to talk to him, have photos taken, or just get an autograph. I thought about not caving to the urge to get on the line, but I did anyway. When I got up there, I told him about the trip we were on and got his autograph. I asked him where Chumlee was and he told me he was on his way to Florida. Jim asked him the best question “Do you have regret saying yes” to which he answered with a laugh “I think about it everyday.” Jim was really proud of making him laugh. The man was dressed all in black and really did look kind of sad sitting there while people filed past him. It was still an adbventure to go there, but I wouldn’t want to be put on display like that.

The second thing that I liked about Vegas was the water show in front of the Bellagio. I’m kind of strange. I cry at parades and the way the water fountains danced to the music was just so beautiful and dramatic that really managed to elicit some strong emotions. I was happy that we caught that show.


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